RETON, spol. s r.o.

CZECH republic

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budova RETON RETON, spol. s r.o. is a Limited Company owned by Mr. Alois Vychodil and Mr. Robert Vychodil ( father and son ).
Opening production plan was production and distribution of monochrome and coulour ray tubes, production of neon tubes for billboards and hand blowed glass manufacturing. These production lines was established on a base of highest technical level of engineers knowledge from former Tesla industrial corporation.
Upon incorporation, RETON company purchased a two-floor building with total area of 2.380 m2 and a plot with total surface area 2.520 m2 situated on the premises of TESLA Industrial Park. The operation building was generally reconstructed in 1993.
Productive and trading activity was expanded step by step. Now we are selling also industrial LCD monitors, horse equipments for "Western" and "England" styles and also pack plywood.


  • Sale of LCD monitors for ATMs and other industrial applications.
  • Sale of mnochrome and colour monitorīs ray tubes.
  • Refurbishment of gaming LCD monitors.
  • Handblowed glass production - utility and promotion glass.
  • Sandblasting of logotypes and texts to glassware and ceramics.


1991 / 12 Company consorcium of two natural person was found and named RETON.
Rental of factory building and technological arrangments for monochrome and color tubes manufacturing.
1993 / 02 Consorcium RETON was transformed to the Limited Company.
Starting of TV Setīs tube import and export, wholesale and resale.
Starting with technical glass manufacturing.
1993 / 07 Closing of neon tubes manufacturing.
1993 / 11 Buying of factory building including of 2520 m2 surface area.
Reconstruction and modernization of production rooms and developing of own technological arrangment for monochrome and color tubes manufacturing.
1995 / 02 Start of the ecological dispose of TV sets, Monitors and Picture tubes.
1998 / 08 Opening of pack plywood wholesaling.
1999 / 06 Cash dispenser (ATM) monitors refurbishment including dispaly tubes refurbishment.
2000 / 02 Start of the plywood covering and containers manufacturing.
2002 / 08 Wholesale of display tubes for ATMs - Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldovia, Poland, Romania, Russa, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, USA.
2003 / 12 Closing of the ecological dispose of TV sets, Monitors and Picture tubes.
2004 / 01 Development of ATM monitor conversion kit. Recycling of ATM monitors.
2004 / 02 Resale and wholesale of horse-riding equipment.
2006 / 09 Development of LCD ATM conversion kit.
Salling of industrial LCD monitors.
2009 / 10 Resale and wholesale of horse-riding equipment was let on lease to former shop leader.
2009 / 10 Refurbishment of 10,4" LCD monitors for gaming machines.
2017 / 06 ATP Spain exclusive dealer for Czechia and Slovakia region.